About US

Established in the year 2014, we stepped our journey as Tech Bright Lighting Company, a well known impressive Lighting solution in UAE.

Tech Bright started working with medium-sized commercial residential, retail stores, private villas and similar projects within a medium scope of lighting, Today we are glad to say that we are handling some of the biggest projects in this field in UAE from well-known Hotels, schools, hospitals etc.
We are also doing the same in several countries


TECH BRIGHT is working to achieve its vision of “Becoming the Lighting Supplier of Choice in the Region” by expanding its reach to more major cities and upgrading and diversifying its products and services. Also, to provide turnkey lighting solutions that are both high-quality and cost-e ective. To be the region's most preferred lighting supplier


To be able to sell to the general public any light ¬tting available in the UK and Europe. We also supply specifiers, the construction industry, warehouses, and offices with every commercial luminaire available around the MENA Region. To establish ourselves as a leading and dependable lighting provider. Furthermore, by o ering innovative lighting, to improve the urban environment.